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Biffy Personal Rinse Toilet Attachment FREE SHIP

Biffy Personal Rinse Toilet Attachment FREE SHIP
Biffy Personal Rinse Toilet Attachment with Usage Instructions. Free Shipping in the Continental USA { Adjusted Once Product Ships } (One) - Cleanliness does not have to be embarrasing. Developed by physicians and nurses for your personal health. Rubbing with paper is not only unclean and archaic, it is very irritaing to delicate tissues. Also provides gentle, non-irritating care for many other health problems including rashes, fissures and postnatal care for new mothers. In addition to the personal health benefits, the Biffy can help decrease or eliminate widespread fecal contamination in homes with young children, disabled, or elderly persons. Because the Biffy cleans without touching, the chance of fecal contamination of hands, skin, clothing, and bathroom fixtures can be reduced or eliminated. It is important to note that since it adjusts to and cleans the user in the fully seated position; access to peri-rectal tissues is convenient and complete. Furthermore, the spray pattern is wide enough to “sweep clean” the entire region, even if aim is less than optimal. This feature is unique to the Biffy and very much appreciated by persons who are infirm and by caregivers who assist them. This unit is an amazingly low cost personal hygiene solution. The Biffy Bidet Toilet Attachment comes with a one year warranty. Delivered discreetly to your home. American Biffy
Product Code: DSS1000000
List Price: $144.99
Our Price: $99.99
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